LA (Liquidation Agenda) for the Slovak Insurers Bureau (SKP)


LA is an intranet application for the settlement of claims. It therefore supports one of the main business activities of the Bureau, which is the settlement of claims. For work with documents, our document management system (SynDOC) is integrated with it. This integration brings the users a number of benefits in the work with documents when carrying out their business activities.

The user does not need to leave the application to communicate with subjects and to work with documents. The whole process is supported by a defined workflow and fulfils the concept of a paperless office.

The document management system provides all information on the documents in a given claim. When changing the document content, a document preview is automatically created (a small preview in the overview structure and a big preview for a quick viewing of the content). Besides the content, every document also has its metadata.

The Work list is integrated in the main application. A workflow task associated with a given claim usually arises for the owner of the file, but it is also possible to create tasks for a specific user or for a user with a given role. For one claim, it is possible to show a list of all assigned tasks. The users can also create tasks (reminders) for themselves or their co-workers.

In the LA application it is possible to communicate with the participants of an accident and third parties by e-mail or paper and monitor the list of all incoming and outgoing messages related to a given claim. When sending a message, it is possible to attach documents; by default, only unsent documents are offered. If a larger number of documents needs to be sent, the e-mail is automatically split into multiple parts. The owner of the file is informed about new incoming messages via the workflow.