DMS - SynDoc

The core of the system represents the basic required functionality available to the company on the documentation system.

It enables the creation, modification, arranging, searching for and storing of documents and their versions for the purposes of basic administrative, business and project activities in the organisation (e.g., the creation of letters, administrative overviews, guidelines, contracts, business, marketing and analytical documents, presentations and annotations, etc.).

Metadata-controlled document placement

When creating a document, the user is offered a list of groups (a list of document types). The user must fill in all required attributes of the document (its metadata). The filled in metadata determines the placement of the document in the system. The document can also be created without choosing the type of document.

Version management of a document and tracking history

Some documents are not versioned, for others it is necessary to create different versions, whereas one version is still the main one. The system maintains every revision of the document (i.e., every change of a document version).

Quick search – how to search for documents

A document can be searched for based on its metadata, title, document number, assigned label, short notes (tags) or other specified criteria. It is also possible to specify where to search (groups).

Flexibility and automatization in document placement

The system contains overview and directory structures for documents. The primary structures are overview structures into which documents are categorized by metadata (e.g. by clients etc.). Users can also have their own directory structure.

User comfort in viewing documents

In the directory or the overview structure node, files (their versions) are shown in the table with columns defined by default (e.g., name, format, attribute X). The users can customise how these columns are shown according to their needs.

User comfort in working with documents

Documents can be moved into the structure (drag and drop) or also saved to external repositories. Documents can be imported directly from the application MS Outlook; conversely, it is also possible to send a marked document by e-mail.

Security – access to documents

Documents are accessed according to predefined user roles and user group rights. This results in a differentiated view by authority (management, project management, team members, etc.) and according to the various levels (reading, writing, etc.).

Security – setting of user rights

The application for administration serves authorised persons – the system administrators. The administrators can manage e.g., the document types, the overview structures, users and their access rights.

Automatic previews of all documents

SynDOC supports various documentation formats which the administrator can expand at will. For every document of a known format, the system automatically creates previews which make the work easier and clearer.

Scanning and OCR support

There is the possibility to work with an OCR tool which internally converts a document into text form and enables a full-text search of the text content. The advanced features of the system comprise the possible functionality of the SynDOC system, which can be added as a part of further service work according to the wishes of the respective customer.

The advanced features of the system

The advanced features of the system comprise the possible functionality of the SynDOC system, which can be added as a part of further service work according to the wishes of the respective customer.

Creating templates

For frequently processed documents, templates can be prepared that will fill automatically with data based on the metadata (in MS Word, MS Excel, HTML, etc.). The templates can contain dynamic fields to be filled in by the user.

Workflow and process automation

Workflow enables the monitoring of deadlines, delegation of work, approval or setting of further steps. It is possible to show all documents that are past their due date for a processing operation. The documents can be signed electronically.

Integration with internal and external systems – API interface

Internal as well as external applications of the customer can be integrated with the SynDOC system. SynDOC thus becomes one clear central repository for all of the customer’s documentation.

With the help of workflow, integration is also possible with business partners with whom you can, e.g., exchange documents, work on documents, sign contracts. Workflow monitors set deadlines, enables delegating work to the employees of the partner, coordinating the work on work-in-progress documents and will alert to deadlines past the due date.

The application interface will have the form of a REST or SOAP web service.