Our document management system (DMS) is called Syndoc

Syndoc is a unique document management tool that allows you to work efficiently and online with all your company documents and their history in your business applications and established processes. Because you yourself define the document’s attributes when saving, you are always able to find, view, and update the document, even if you forget its name, creation date, or even save location.


Dashboard syndoc DMS

What can we help you with?

We will prepare a workflow that will monitor deadlines for you, and delegate documents for approval or further processing

We will prepare templates that will automatically pre-complete the data based on its attributes

We will add any other functionalities that you might be missing in your DMS

The API interface enables us to integrate your internal and external applications into Syndoc and thus automate the process

DMS CB_555x370

What will our DMS provide?

  • Flexibility and automation in document placement thanks to defined attributes
  • Quick access to the list of recently opened or modified versions of documents
  • Document version management and tracking of their history
  • User convenience and work with documents in a visual structure
  • Access to documents according to set user rights
  • Support for various record formats, freely expandable (doc, xls, pdf, jpg,…)
  • Automatic document preview creation

Our Satisfied Clients

For the Slovak Insurers’ Bureau (SIB), we created the Claims Adjustment and Sanctions Information System (CAPIS). This information system supports the daily claims adjustment activities of SIB related to damages caused by the operation of uninsured vehicles and actions undertaken in the process of penalizing responsible persons. The information system applications include Syntea DMS – Syndoc. Syndoc’s functionality is integrated with the adjustment and sanction processes, so that the user does not have to exit the main application when working with documents and can perform all necessary tasks within it. We supplement and modify the functionalities on an ongoing basis, according to SIB’s business requirements.

For SG Geotechnika a.s., we created the Geoarchive Information System for Field Work. It is a complete archive of company documents on a map base, including tools for working with them. It is designed for managers and field workers. The Geoarchiv application uses the Syntea DMS Syndoc in the 24/7 operating mode. We continuously update and modify the functionalities, according to SG Geotechnika’s business requirements.

Interested? Would you like more information? Contact us, and we will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.