GAM 2.5 is an application manager from the company Syntea software group a.s. and is responsible for the management and integration of the application environment

GAM (The Global Application Manager) is a set of programs and applications designed for administration, management, and integration of an application environment. It was developed by Syntea software group a.s. More than fifteen years ago and since then it has been used it in all its projects, where it is necessary to cooperate with a large number of interacting programs. Individual GAM components can be expanded to deliver new functionality according to the specific requirements of specific environments.

The basic building block of GAM is the so-called workflow. Workflow is a sequence of individual data processing programs that can be transmitted sequentially. All these flows in the system determine its topology. This is described using an XML document that GAM retrieves at its startup. According to this document, it controls the transmission of individual data in the stream, triggers the programs to be processed, and monitors their running, thereby increasing the robustness of the whole system. The entry point can be in the form of a batch file or web services. Internal communication between programs is in XML format. GAM is primarily an event-driven system.

The current implementation of GAM is created in Java. The database part is built on Oracle in the minimal 9i version, and Apache Tomcat serves as the application container. To describe the communication in XML, it uses its own intuitive X-definition technology, and communication between programs is secured by data queues. For monitoring and control, the GAM package also includes a web application with a graphical interface.