Who is Syntea

Synergie = software + knowledge + technology

 Syntea Software Group a.s., was established in 1990, when it was founded by two programmers, the Kamenický brothers (you may be familiar with the Kamenický brothers’ code).

For more than 20 years, we have been designing, building and servicing extensive information systems over large databases and with robust application software in the fields of insurance and government administration, as well as for business entities.

We now also create custom products using the latest technologies, including our own. Together with our system integration service, we will integrate our product into your existing environment.

We provide a complete service. We proactively come up with suggestions for improving the functionality of the solution and the technologies used.

The result is support for automation and digitization of client activities and adaptation of solutions over time as the customer’s business needs change.

We cultivate and develop the environment in the field of information and communication technologies. The company founded and operated the Institute of Informatics – Higher Vocational School in 2003-2015. Our staff has participated in teaching at the Institute of Informatics and still participates at other universities (currently, MFF UK).

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We are a stable player in the robust database systems creation and digitization segment.

We are a leader in programming. We make even the most complicated systems appear simple at first glance.

Our systems have been working reliably for decades, without any serious outages.

 We work on the basis of expertise and thorough analysis.

We always provide perfect documentation with the project.

 We provide proactive IT service for our applications, which prevents problems. The scope is defined by agreement, and we provide fast response.

 We always hand over only first-rate systems – this is an absolute priority for us.

Ing. Jiří Kamenický


„I would like to thank our customers for their many years of loyalty, and thanks to their needs, we are continually introducing new IT technologies and trends into their existing complex business solutions.”