We create information systems for customers. We integrate new information systems with existing customer applications. When creating information systems we use our products and technologies.

SynDoc ořez

DMS - SynDoc

In particular, it enables the creation, modification, arrangement, retrieval and storage of documents and their versions for the purposes of basic administrative, business, design activities in the organization (eg writing letters, administrative overviews, guidelines, contracts, business, marketing, analytical documents, presentations and annotations) etc.).

Xdef ořez


The  X-definition  is  a  program  tool  for  describing  the  structure  of  XML  documents, this tool was developed by Syntea Software Group Inc.. It  is  a  legible  and  easy  to maintain  tool  that  can  be  used  to  create,  validate, and process XML documents. The X-definition is a template that describes the structure, content, and XML document processing.



GAM (The Global Application Manager) is a set of programs and applications designed for administration, management, and integration of an application environment. It was developed by Syntea software group a.s. More than fifteen years ago and since then it has been used it in all its projects, where it is necessary to cooperate with a large number of interacting programs.


Demonstration of synDOC application usage.

Demonstration of our work

As an example, we can present our application LA (Liquidation Agenda) for the Slovak Insurers Bureau (SKP), or archive of documents.

SynDoc ořez

LA is an intranet application for the settlement of claims. It therefore supports one of the main business activities of the Bureau, which is the settlement of claims. For work with documents, our document management system (SynDOC) is integrated with it …

Archiv dokumentu

Do you need to have business documents linked to orders you have worked on or are still working on in the past? Would you like to see all the documents pertaining to the job and location on a map …