Information systems to grow your company  

From design to implementation. This is the essence of our turnkey service, “Syntea application with care”. We use our own “Syntea PRODUCTS”, which we trust, supplemented with the latest technologies. We continuously care for our clients and products to ensure 100% reliability.



An IT solution that adapts to you

Tailor-developed SW

We save you money, because you only invest in the functionality of the application you need right now

Controlling systems and workflow

We will set up simple, functional and easily modifiable process operations for you


We will deliver a new tool for the management of all your company documents, or modify your current one


You can organize all your current and historical documents using a map


Our technologies will help you during the creation of new applications or modification of existing applications


Our information systems will allow you to

  • address a specific program for which you have not found a ready-made solution on the market
  • support a new business, process or operational program
  • replace an outdated application with a new application from us
  • connect applications so that data is exchanged quickly and securely between them
  • systematically work with documents in the company — we will implement our DMS for you and add the features you need
  • create a document archive and use it effectively for your business

Additional IT Services

  • We will design a new or revise an existing database structure
  • We will build the architecture of a new system, application or functionality
  • We will connect independently functioning applications for you, to simplify business processes
  • We will set up automatic data processing control for application programs running on several computers over a large database system.

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