Services of our company

Our goal is to cooperate with our current and future clients so that they can take advantage of information technology to the maximum possible extent for the development of their business and for its faster innovation.

This is why we specialise in the development of incident-driven systems and their further evolution, as the aims and goals of our clients change and thus their needs. We ensure the operation and maintenance of the created systems. Another one of our main activities is the design of relational databases and statistical analyses on big data. In their creation we follow the current valid legislation for the relevant area.

We also provide further add-on services, such as services for apartment owners’ associations (accounting and administration) and bookkeeping for entrepreneurs.

Software development on demand

We start the development of software with the creation of the customer’s requirements, we continue with the analysis and design of the global and technological system architecture, including the data platform, outputs and interfaces. After implementation and testing of the system, we cooperate with the client on introducing the system into operations. We deliver and update the user and operating documentation with changes. We place great emphasis on the monitoring of operations for the purpose of process optimalization and the minimalisation of operation errors.

Services for system integration

If you are looking for a partner to help you integrate and optimalise the performance of your independent systems, so that they reliably provide complex business information, then turn to us with confidence. If you are in the business of third party car insurance, we can design, create and integrate new applications and services that use the current registers of the Bureau of Czech Insurers.

Book-keeping for AOA and Entrepreneurs

With us you will find professional administration services and expert book-keeping for your apartment owners’ association. With us, you won’t have to check whether the prescribed payments for services are correctly issued, whether the total annual breakdown has been calculated correctly and whether debtors have been sent reminders. We put an emphasis on transparency, which is why the owners in „our“ apartment owners’ associations have the maximum information available 24 hours a day in an internet aplication with protected access.

  • Development and operation of incident-driven systems
  • Designs for relational databases
  • Statistical analysis of big data
  • Integration/optimalisation of the performance of your independent systems
  • Applications and services in the area of third-party car insurance
  • Administration and bookkeeping for AOA and for entrepreneurs